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We received several pictures from viewers of “light pillars” Sunday evening. The top pic. is from Heather Allerding near Grant.

Light pillars are rare in Lower Michigan, tending to occur only under the right conditions and only when the air temperature is 15° or cooler. Ice crystals form in the air. These fine crystals are sometimes called “diamond dust” and are sometimes shaped like 6-sided plates. They take the light from a point source, like a street light and bend the light upwards.

Usually they are white, but sometimes you can see varying colors, as in this picture from a few years ago in Beloit, Wisconsin. You can see more pics. of light pillars at Google images.

Check out this amazing picture.

Great Lakes satellite picture – west wind – lake-effect clouds

Pic. of frozen Lake Michigan in Chicago.

3 Day snowfall in Lower MI from Thurs. PM to Sun. AM

Also: -50° at Fort Yukon AK early Sun. AM. Maximum Temp. of-30.4°C in Saskatoon, Canada on Sunday. This is the first maximum below -30°C in February since Feb. 7, 1994. (Sunday’s low temperature was -41.4°C). Low temps. were as cold as -60F in Canada’s NW Territories. Thermometer from the Yukon. Another snowstorm for Long Island. National High/Low temps for Sunday February 07: 87 at Atlantis, FL, Fort Lauderdale (Executive Airport), FL, Pompano Beach, FL; -37 at 16 mile east of Mission Creek, MN. Cold front went thru Denver on Sunday – temperature fell 22 degrees in 18 minutes. Snow in Alabama. Pics. of snow in Central Park. Snow in MA. Pretty Appalachian snow. Snow in Virginia – can you spot the heron in the picture? Snow in New Jersey. Gorge rainbow. Snow in France. More snow in Alabama. Aurora seen from space. Stampede! Thunderstorm in South France. Drone flight over the pretty snow on the trees. Snow in Maryland. Heavy snow in Scotland. Big snowflakes in slow motion. Snow in S. Carolina. Lighthouse getting icy. Close-up pic. of snowflakes.

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