Large Tornado in Manitoba, Canada Friday Evening

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A large tornado hit south of Virden, Manitoba, Canada Friday evening. Check out these links: Picture 1, Video 1 (with excited guy), Picture 2, Picture 3, Picture 4 (from several miles away), Picture 5, Video 2, Video 3 (speeded up), Video 4 (pretty good). Video 5. Picture 5 (note the blue sky to the left and behind the tornado. Car flipped upside-down by tornado. View of the twister from across Oak Lake. Video 6. Picture 6. A series of screenshots showing the progression of the tornado. Video of the funnel just before it touched down…and video 10 minutes later…and the end of the storm. Hail that fell from the Manitoba storms. Satellite zoomed into the Manitoba thunderstorms. Here’s the radar that goes along with it. Velocity radar. Debris. Power outages tell where strong winds have downed lines. Neat pic. of another storm near Brandon. Tornado at the back edge of the storm with the strong updraft above the tornado. Ka-Boom.

The house itself was OK, added Jayjack, “but a lot of farm equipment was destroyed.”Grain silos were hit, and several vehicles were picked up off the road and thrown around the house and into the neighbouring field, he said.

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