Lake Michigan Water Temperature Has Peaked

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Lake Michigan Water Temperature Compared to Average

The overall water temperature of Lake Michigan has peaked and will now start the slow jagged slide down to the partial ice cover of winter.

Not only will temperatures be a little bit cooler for the next several days, but the overall northeast wind will likely push the warmer surface water toward the middle of the lake allowing colder water to rise to the top through the process of upwelling.

Morning pic. of the South Haven MI Channel 8 22 2019

The top picture is the Muskegon Channel, where the late AM air temp. was 69° and the wind was northeast at 8 pm. The pic. directly above is the South Haven Channel, where the air temp. was 68° and the wind was northeast at 13 mph. You can see the sparkling ripples that the wind was causing to the right of the breakwater. Side note – we call these structures “piers”, but they are really “breakwaters”, because they stop the water (to keep sand from clogging up the channel). A pier allows water to flow underneath it, like this pier at Oceanside, California.

Downtown Chicago Thurs. AM 8 22 19

Here’s downtown Chicago at late morning…partly cloudy, temperature 73° with a northeast wind at 15 mph.

Here’s some Lake Michigan water temps. this morning and the change since Weds. AM: Ludington 70° (-2°), Duck Lake St. Park 64° (-4°), Muskegon 66° (-1°), Grand Haven 68° (-3°) and Sauagatuck 70° (-1°).

Here’s Alpena, Michigan – late AM 8 22 19

Alpena MI late morning, showing a broken (about 2/3rds skycover) deck of cumulus clouds. When there is enough moisture in the air. These clouds, made up of tiny water droplets about a mile above the ground, will form around late morning and then dissipate as we approach sunset.

It was chilly as you went north this AM. Low temps. this AM: Houghton Lake 43°, Lake City 42°, Vanderbilt 40°, Roscommon 39° (down from a high of 79° yesterday afternoon, Leota (Clare Co. north of Mt. Pleasant) 38° (down from a high of 83° yesterday – that’s a 45-degree drop! Nights are getting longer and there’s a little more time to cool on calm, clear nights, especially. As of today, we have already lost 1 hour and 43 minutes of daylight since the Summer Solstice back on June 21.

Eagle, Alaska Thurs. AM

The longer nights are bringing cooler temperatures to the Far North. This pic. is Eagle, Alaska this AM. Note the cloud cap over the mountain in the center of the picture. Eagle dipped to 29° this AM with frost. Dawson in the Yukon was 28° and Alert in Nunavut was reporting fog and 32° at late morning.

North American Snow and Ice Cover Aug. 21 2019

We’re 2 months past the Summer Solstice and there’s still a little ice on the south shore of Hudson Bay.

Sunset – from Gordie Billard of the Canadian Coast Guard

Here’s a link to a list of times when you can see the Intl. Space Station fly over W. Michigan. All viewing times are in the early AM before sunrise through Sept. 5 .

I’m off today and tomorrow…working Saturday and Sunday. Tune in the evening news on WOOD TV8 for the Beach and Boating Forecast thru the weekend. Enjoy these four days of awesome late summer weather!

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