Lake Michigan Satellite Pic. Shows Snow on the Ground

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Here’s the Lake Michigan MODIS satellite picture from Saturday PM. You can see where there was snow on the ground – along the lakeshore and south of a line from Zeeland to the Kalamazoo area. See how many inland lakes you can pick out (Gun, Gull, Fremont, the Hardy and Croton Ponds…the lakes in N. Michigan).

Lake Huron MODIS satellite pic. from Sat. PM 11 16 19

It was mostly sunny across Lake Huron. Lots of snow surrounding the lake…it shows up bright white where there are mostly farm fields. You see a darker color where there is mostly conifer forest, where the wind has knocked most of the snow off the trees.

MODIS Lake Erie Satellite pic. from Sat. PM 11 16 19

Here’s the Lake Erie satellite picture. Lake Erie is the shallowest of the Great Lakes. You can see where the lake-effect snow was more prominent from the Cleveland area to the east.

Lake Ontario Satellite pic. from Saturday PM 11 16 19

Here’s the Lake Ontario satellite picture. Note the Finger Lakes, Lake Oneida, Lake Simcoe in Canada and the Niagara River, flowing north from Lake Erie into Lake Ontario.

Also: Grand Rapids recorded 78% sunshine on Saturday. It was the sunniest day since Oct. 23rd and the first day in November with more than 45% sunshine. The high temp. of 35 was 12 deg. below the avg. high of 47. The low of 22 was 11 deg. colder than the avg. low of 33. Nov. 1-16 in Gr. Rapids has been 10.6 deg. colder than average. 18 of the last 19 days have been colder than average. For Nov 1-15: Temps. way below normal (-10.8 at FWA & -10.9 at SBN). FWA 2nd coldest: avg temp in 125 years of 33.9 (coldest 33.1 1991). SBN 3rd coldest: avg temp of 33.2 (coldest 32.7 in 1951).

“Congrats” Chicago-ans, you just lived through the coldest first half of November in the past 148 years! The average temperature from Nov. 1-15 was 31.2°, with the previous record cold (since 1871) first half of the month in 1991 (average temp of 31.4°).

And…Savannah GA had 4.62″ of rain on Saturday. The warmest spots in the U.S. on Sat. were Camarillo and Dos Palmas CA with high temps. of 93 and the coldest spots were Saranac Lake NY and Mt. Washington NH with 9 below zero.

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