January was cloudy, warm and wet

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January was as warm, wet and cloudy month. January was 6.9° warmer than average. I don’t have the list in front of me of warmest Januaries, but this will come in around 5th warmest ever in G.R. The average temperature for the month in Gr. Rapids was 31.3°. That’s barely below the freezing mark. It’s no wonder that many inland lakes have very thin ice. The warmest temperature was 49° and the coolest was 11°. We ended the month with 10 days in the row with high temperatures in the 30s. There were only 5 days all month that were colder than average.

Precipitation totaled 3.65″ and that was 1.56″ above average. More than half the precipitation (2.02″) came on the 11th – the 2nd wettest day ever in January in Gr. Rapids. Snowfall totaled 11.4″, bringing the season total to 32.6″. There were only 3 days with more than 1/2″ of snow and they all came together, the 17th, 18th and 19th. The 18th was the snowiest day, with 6.3″ – that was more snow that fell on any day from midnight-to-midnight in 2019. We had a trace of snow on 14 days and we had only 6 days without any precipitation.

Where’s the sun? We had 20 days during the month with 0% sunshine and we ended the month with just 12% of possible sunshine, less than half of average. We’ve had only one day since Jan. 6th with more than 17% sunshine.

We started the month with quite a few windy days and ended on a calm note. The last four days of the month had an average wind speed of just 5.1 mph. Before that we had 13 days with wind gusts of 30 mph or higher. We had no thunder during the month and 3 days with at least an hour of heavy fog.

We might catch a snow shower today. Sunday and Monday look dry and warmer with highs in the 40s. Sunday will be breezy with a west-southwest wind gusting to 30 mph. We’ll see precipitation from Weds. night into Thurs. night with the most likely scenario being rain changing to snow. While it will turn cooler, nothing drastically cold is on the horizon.

pic. above is the barge doing repair work on the breakwall at the Muskegon Channel on Friday.

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