Ice Increase in 27 Hours

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Here’s side-by-side pictures of the Muskegon Channel. The pic. on the left was taken at noon on Friday and the second at 3 pm on Saturday (pics. from GLERL). There’s a huge increase in ice in the channel. BTW, note the waterfowl in the foreground of the picture on the left.

Great Lakes Ice Extent at 2 pm Sat. 2 15 19

Here’s the latest Great Lakes Ice Extent. From 2 pm Friday to 2 pm Saturday, ice cover for the Great Lakes as a whole increased from 17.3% to 18.2%. Lake Michigan stayed the same at 13.8% with the strong wind on Saturday breaking up ice as it tried to form. Superior increased from 17.6% to 18.0% over the 24 hour period. Lake Erie increased from 1.9% to 7.5% and Ontario increased from 4.5% to 5.9%. Lake St. Clair’s surface ice cover increased from 57.6% to 70.0%. As the Canadian air is replaced by milder Pacific air, the ice gain should slow down or stop from Sunday – Tuesday.

Lake Michigan at the Muskegon Channel looking west at sunset on 2 15 20

Turning the Muskegon Channel camera around to face west, you can see there was a glimpse of the sun before it set. Ice had formed out to the edge of the breakwaters. It was windy on Saturday and on this picture, you can see waves coming over the far breakwater.

Pic. of the waves at Muskegon Sat. 2 15 20 (from GLERL)

Here’s a pic. of the waves at the far breakwater at the Muskegon Channel. Small Craft Advisories remain in effect until 11 am this Sunday (2/16). Despite the cold air, Grand Rapids is still 1.5 deg. warmer than average for Feb. 1-15.

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