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Twin Lake in Muskegon Co. gets a “Golden Bailing Bucket Award” for most rain on Tuesday. They had nearly 6″ of rain. More heavy rain totals thru noon Wed: 4.79″ Benona (Oceana Co.) 4.42″ Croton (Newaygo Co.), 4.14″ Elbridge Township (Oceana Co.), 4.20″ Weare (Oceana Co.), 4.14″ Kent City, 3.97″ Stanwood, 3.93″ Fremont, 3.71″ Newaygo, 3.5″ Mt. Pleasant.

From 9 am Tuesday thru noon today (Wed.), New Era in Oceana Co. had 4.75″ of rain New Era has also had (as of 1 am) 10.77″ of rain in the last 23 days.

Muskegon had 2.26″ of rain Tuesday and that was a daily record for Oct. 1. Muskegon has picked up 8.21″ of rain since Sept. 1 and that’s 4.21″ above average. Muskegon is up to 35.34″ for the year and that is 10.76″ above average.

Grand Rapids had 0.67″ of rain on Tuesday (and another 0.33″ between midnight and 2 am). G.R. is up to 8.31″ since Sept. 1 and 38.57″ for the year. That’s 9.46″ above average.

Here’s 6-hour rainfall totals from 8 pm to 2 am Tuesday night: 2.28″ Mt. Pleasant, 1.70″ Big Rapids, 1.58″ Muskegon, 1.00″ Grand Rapids and 0.96″ Ludington

Here’s some more cities and how far above average they are for precipitation in 2019: Marquette +9.00″, Madison WI +9.40″, S. Ste. Marie +11.07″ and Green Bay +15.72″ (that’s a lot!). With saturated ground, a significant part of that rain becomes runoff and goes into the Great Lakes keeping water levels high.

The Grand River in Grand Rapids at 2:30 pm Wed. shows a streamflow of 10,440 cubic feet per second. The average flow for Oct. 2 is 1,670 cfs. So, the river has 6 times the usual volume of water. The Kalamazoo River at Comstock has a flow of 1,260 cfs, compared to an average of 595 cfs. The Muskegon River at Croton is at 7,470 cfs compared to an average of 1,240 cfs. The flow on the Muskegon River doubled in about 9 hours. The Tittabawassee River at Midland had a flow of 6,660 cfs compared to an average flow of 660 cfs. That’s more than 10 times the average flow. Flood Warnings are up for the Muskegon, White and Saginaw Rivers. All the rivers north of I-94 are rising with the rain we’re getting.

Grand Rapids also set a record for highest minimum temperature ever for Oct. 1 with a low of 69°

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