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First: …THIS IS A FLASH FLOOD EMERGENCY FOR THE CEDAR RIVER BELOW THE CHAPPEL DAM… …THE FLASH FLOOD WARNING REMAINS IN EFFECT UNTIL 315 PM EDT FOR SOUTH CENTRAL GLADWIN COUNTY… * At 308 PM EDT, Gladwin County dispatch is reporting that high flows are being passed through Secord and Smallwood Dams on the Tittabawassee River in Gladwin County. HAZARD…Flash flooding from the Tittabawassee River below Secord Dam. SOURCE…Emergency management. IMPACT…Flooding in areas along the river immediately downstream of the dam.

From the Midland 911 facebook page at 2:45 am: Midland County Emergency Management has been working with Boyce Hydro to further assess the situation at the Edenville and Sanford Dams.

At this time, Boyce reports they are structurally sound but they are unable to control or contain the amount of water that is flowing through the spillgates.

The flooding concerns are still substantial for the residents along the Sanford and Wixom Lake. For the safety of the residents, Midland County Public Safety and Emergency Management are continuing evacuations of those areas.

If residents do not have a place to go, shelters have been set up at Coleman High School (4951 N. Lewis( and Meridian Elementary School (3353 N. Meridian Rd).

After 1-4″ of rain in S. Lower Michigan, many rivers are rising to near or above flood state. A Lakeshore Flood Warning continues for Berrien and La Porte (IN) counties until 5 pm Tue.

Storm Total Rainfall from the G.R. Doppler Radar

This is Storm Total Rainfall off the G.R. NWS radar. As you can see, many areas had 2-4″ of rain. You can also see 3-4″ totals over much of S. Lake Michigan…so the lake water level should be noticeably up a couple inches.

Road Washout – Fenner Road in Muskegon Co. 5 18 20 from Shonda McNiff
Road Washout Fenner Road in Muskegon Co. ‘s a – from Shonda McNiff 5 18 20

Here’s two pictures of a road washout on Fenner Road in Muskegon County. I believe this is Green Creek. After 4″ of rain, the road completely washed out. Imagine it’s nighttime and dark. You may not see the washout in time to stop. Never drive into water moving across the road – the road might not be there, it may have washed away. Here a link to a good example of what to do when you see water across a road – especially moving water. In the video…you can see a car driving through the water. It’s pretty deep…the car could stall out, or the road may be washed out…so, that was the wrong thing to do…turn around and find another route to your destination. In the video a van approaches the water. The van turns around. That’s the right thing to do…so kudos to the driver from Executive Design and Engineering.

There will still be a chance of showers today, with lighter rainfall amounts.

Potential for lakeshore flooding

Winds will brisk at the lakeshore, but winds should remain from the east, so waves won’t be as high as they’d be in the wind was northwest or west.

Flooding on Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago – from the Chicago Fire Dept.

The pic. above is from the Chicago Fire Dept. This is Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago, one of dozens of roads and highways that were closed by floodwaters. There is significant flooding in the entire Chicago area. As of 4:50 am – rainfall amounts: 4.59 Palos Hills, 4.54″ downtown Chicago, 4.35″ Midway Airport, 3.99″ Joliet, 3.59″ Lake Forest. O’Hare Airport has had 7.88″ in the last four days! Riverwalk in Chicago is a river.

We also have a Lakeshore Flood Warning from Ottawa Co. south through N. Indiana and a Lakeshore Flood Advisory from Muskegon Co. to the north. There are Gale Warnings for much of Lake Michigan.

Flood Warnings have been posted for the following rivers:

The Grand River near Comstock Park affecting Kent County,
  The Grand River at Robinson Township affecting Ottawa County,
  Sycamore Creek At Holt affecting Ingham County,
  Thornapple River Above Hastings affecting Barry County and the 
  Portage River near Vicksburg affecting Kalamazoo County.
Severe Weather Outlook Map for Sunday PM/Evening 5 17 20

The map above shows severe storm reports from Sunday…with tornadoes in Illinois and Louisiana, where there was 1 fatality. We continue to have a lack of severe storms in Michigan this month (that’s good). There will continue to be scattered showers this Monday, with a few of them producing more heavy rainfall. Significant flooding has occurred in the Chicago Area.

Here’s Grand Rapids radar:

Click for latest Composite Reflectivity radar image from the Grand Rapids/Muskegon, MI radar and current weather warnings

and regional radar:

Central Great Lakes sector loop
Go to: Most Recent Image

David Steffen’s backyard in Deerfield IL – Sunday PM 5 17 20

This was my brother’s backyard Sunday PM in Deerfield IL. Standing water covered much of the yard and was seeping into the garage. Fortunately, the sump was keeping his basement and his guitars dry. The Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago reversed the flow of the Chicago River into Lake Michigan at both the Wilmette Pumping Station and downtown’s Controlling Works. I grew up in Wilmette IL.

Also: Coverage of the fire/explosion in L.A. Man builds furniture from 116-year-old tree that was downed by a tornado. Making picnic tables for squirrels. Firefighters help stranded bear cub.

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