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A bright fireball lit up the skies over Japan – Nagano Prefecture – early Thursday morning (2:30 am). Here’s video. Fujii Daichi, a curator who specializes in astronomy at the Science Museum in Hiratsuka City, said the fireball looked much brighter than the full moon. This may have been a fragment of an asteroid and may have only been several inches wide. It was unclear whether any fragments made it to the ground. The fireball did make a noise that woke many people up and there were many reports on social media.

In 1908, an exploding meteorite mowed down forests in Siberia, Russia. In 2013, a meteor exploded in the sky above the Russian state of Chelyabinsk, and its shock wave shattered windows, causing injuries.

Also: The number of 100+ degree days this year in Phoenix AZ is currently at 51 days. Only 4 days behind 1989’s mark of 55 to this point. Urban heat island may have some effect here:

The Amazing Growth of Phoenix, Arizona

Look at the population growth of Phoenix over the years. In 1950, it was significantly smaller than Grand Rapids. My wife’s adopted brother and his family moved to Arizona a few years ago to escape the crime and high taxes of California.

Also: Video of tornado in Saskatchewan, Canada on Saturday. World soybean production has doubled in the last 20 years. Lots of snow in New Zealand highlands this winter (yeah, it’s winter in the Southern Hemisphere). Flooding and landslides in Japan. When you have a stagnant weather pattern…areas that are hot and dry (Michigan), stay hot and dry…and areas that are wet (like SE Japan) get wetter. Flooding in India. National High/Low temps for Saturday July 04: 115 at Death Valley, CA; 26 at Bodie State Park, CA. These two places are only about 150 miles apart. Huge difference in elevation. Sunset on Mt. Washington NH.

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