Fewest Number of Tornadoes in May in the U.S. in 50 years.

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Here’s some good news. This from the Storm Prediction Center: May 2020 had the fewest severe weather reports since May 2014. May 2020 also had the fewest recorded tornadoes since at least 1970 (likely longer).

May 2020 had the fewest number of EF2 and stronger tornadoes in recorded history (1950-present). SPC also did not issue a Moderate or High Risk Area for severe weather in the month of May. The preliminary count is 139, but that number will be reduced when duplicate sightings of the same tornado are eliminated. They estimate the final count will be around 59 confirmed tornadoes.

Tornado Watches in 2020 through June 3

The map above shows tornado watches so far this year. The only county in Michigan to come under a tornado watch has been Berrien County. We have had no tornadoes in Michigan so far this year. Note that a fairly large part of “tornado alley” from the Texas Panhandle north to the Dakotas has had not a single tornado watch.

So far this year, there have been 21 tornado warnings issued in Kansas. The average to date is 80. Big difference. This is the 3rd lowest total since since 1989.

Notice how many of the low count years were back in the 50s. Back then we didn’t have Doppler radar, we didn’t have storm chasers and there were few weather spotters. Many tornadoes, especially in low population, rural areas were never reported.

Let’s hope the trend continues through the summer.

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