Fall of 2019 Just Like Fall of 2018

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I’ve mentioned before that this Fall Season in West Michigan has been almost exactly like last Fall Season.

November 2019 came in at 5.5° colder than average. November 2018 was also 5.5° colder than average. September 2019 was 3.5° warmer than average. September 2018 was 3.3° warmer than average (almost identical). Same thing for October – in 2019 G.R. was 0.8 deg. cooler than average and Oct. 2018 was 0.6° cooler than average.

November precipitation was also almost identical in 2019 (2.62″) and 2018 (2.73″) We had well above average rainfall in September 2018 and in September 2019 and also in October 2018 and October 2019.

We also saw an abrupt change from a good amount of sunshine to a mostly cloudy pattern on Oct. 12 of both years. November 2018 (9%) and November 2019 (18%) both had well below average sunshine.

So, will this trend continue? December last year had very little snow (3.2″). We had more snow in the first hours of Dec. 1 this year than we had all last December in Grand Rapids. Dec. 2018 was 3.3° warmer than average and it was another very cloudy month (13% sun).

We had about six weeks last winter when we didn’t have much winter…it was cloudy and cool with very little snow from Dec. into early Jan. Then we saw a trend toward snowier and colder weather. In fact, all of the first 6 months of this year were colder than average (and 9 of the last 11 months). We ended the winter with above average snowfall in G.R. In April, we had a scattered frost on the 27th and 28th – but the blossoms weren’t out yet, so we had no damage and ultimately a great apple crop. In some years (2012 for example), a late April frost would cause serious damage to blossoms.

While I think we’ll get a lull in the winter action (though not 6 weeks like last year), Arctic cold and snow will return and we’ll have a significant period of colder than average temperatures. In the meantime, I don’t anticipate any big storms this week. Watch out for a few icy spots on the roads the next couple nights/mornings. Here’s a link to school closings.

Also – The Marquette Airport had 15.1″ of snow on Sunday. As of early Monday AM – they had 24″ of snow on the ground.

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