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Fall colors near Luther, Michigan, on Oct. 12, 2019. (Courtesy Charlie R./ReportIt)

Fall colors in Michigan peak in October. Here’s the map that most everyone uses to show the approximate times of peak color:

Peak of fall colors

However, I’ve generally found these dates to be too early. In my notes, I have the AVERAGE date of peak color in Grand Rapids as Oct. 18. Colors will peak a little earlier to the north (U.P.) and in higher elevations and a little later when the prevailing wind off Lake Michigan delays the first frost along the lakeshore.

Generally, color comes early when it’s generally cloudy (trees respond to shortening daylight) and a few days later when the weather is more sunny and warm with ample rain (trees will lose leaves in a drought even in the summer).

Also – From Grand Rapids Magazine: County road agencies unveil best roads to see fall colors.

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