Dry Pattern for the Rest of the Week

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The above map from the Weather Prediction Center shows anticipated precipitation from Tuesday – Friday. As you can see, dry weather is likely over much of Lower Michigan. There is a very slight chance of a few flurries with a cold front coming thru Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, more moderate to heavy rain is likely from Texas to the Carolinas, including flood-ravished areas of central Mississippi.

Season Snowfall as of Midnight Monday night

Here’s season snowfall as of midnight Monday night. While West Michigan is below average in terms of season snowfall-to-date. Lansing is 0.2″ above average-to-date. Flint has had 45.1″ of snow this winter and that’s 10.5″ above average-to-date.

Forecast high temperatures for Tues. 2 18 20

Here’s high temperatures for Tue. PM. It’ll be another warm day in Florida with warm tempertures in the Desert SW. It’ll be chill from Wisconsin west to the Rockies.

ALSO: The Polar Vortex is very strong, but will continue to remain over the North Pole. No sign it’s coming down toward the contiguous U.S. Tornadoes of 2020 so far on a map….plus one tornado in Oregon. Monday’s National High/Low temps: 92 at Zapata, TX, Falfurrias, TX; -24 at Sea Gull Lake, MN. The bitter cold continues in Alaska: -44 Fort Yukon, -42 Barrow Airport (high temp. was -32), -42 Clear Sky, -40 Goldstream, -36 Deadhorse (wind chill of -59), -35 Wainwright and Nuiqsut, -34 Northway. The Alyeska Ski Area in Alaska has had 334″ of snow this winter and they have a snow depth of 92″ (that’s over 7 1/2 feet).

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