Cool Weekend – Back to the 50s Midweek

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Look for a partly to mostly sunny weekend, cool, but the wind will be lighter than Friday. Temperatures will be in the mid 30s this (Sat.) PM – ten degrees cooler than average.

2-day forecast

We may see a period of light snow Sunday night – especially south of G.R. where an inch could accumulate – mainly on the grass. Monday and much of Tuesday should be dry, with a chance of rain showers after that. Temperatures should be back above 50 starting Tuesday.

Also: Interesting comments on the coronavirus from Dr. Judith Curry:

“The rate of epidemiological and immunological research that is getting conducted and published is breathtaking; after all this settles, the old publication model with peer review and paywall will arguably be dead.

The insanity of people traveling nonstop all over the world for conferences and meetings has been illuminated.  Apart from the CO2 emissions, this traveling is an insane loss of productivity and takes a toll on people’s health.  Even the IPCC is conducting its working group meetings via the internet.

With regards to scientific conferences, these are now being posted on the internet.  These days on the rare occasions I go to conferences, I don’t attend any talks (look at them later on the internet), but set up meetings with people (collaborators, old friends, clients and potential clients).” More of her comments here.

And: High temp. of 62° on Friday in G.R. at 12:41 am and the low temp. was 25° at 11:59 pm. That was quite a cold front. Snow will fall from NE Pennsylvania to Maine and E. Canada. Vostok, Antarctica dropped to -100.8F – coldest so early in fall since 1960. Glacier N.P. Nevada earthquake. Greece earthquake. Friday’s National High/Low temps: 91° at Miles City, FL; -15° at Garrison, ND. More rain for California. Gondola-less. Miami Beach – empty. Fort Myers Beach Thursday and Friday. Sunrise at Myrtle Beach. Waterspouts off Japan.

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