Confirmed Tornado in Michigan – Rated a High End EF0

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The National Weather Service has confirmed a tornado touchdown Thursday evening in Shiawassee County. The twister will likely be rated a strong EF0 or weak EF1. Two barns were damaged or destroyed, two garages were damaged and there was significant tree damage. A preliminary investigation showed a damage path of around one mile and about 100 yards wide. There were no injuries, but the Emergency Director said that it was lucky to go through a very rural area. The twister occurred at 9:20 pm – so it was completely dark. Here’s a summary of the tornado:

Summary of the New Lothrop Tornado

This was the 6th tornado in Michigan this year…the annual average for Michigan is 16. So far, there have been 69 tornadoes reported in the U.S. during the month of August. The toral number of tornadoes in Augusts 2018 was 80, in August 2017 we had 119 tornadoes and in August 2016 there were 90 tornadoes in the U.S.

This year we have had 38 tornado fatalities in the U.S., but no fatalities have occurred since May. March had the most fatalities with 23.

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