California Reservoirs at 103% of Average Capacity

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Reservoir levels in Califonria

While California has had a relatively warm and dry winter, with well below average snowpack in the mountains, there is no immediate water crisis. The above graph shows reservoir levels. If you add up the 12 reservoirs you get a current capacity of 102.7% – slightly above average for mid-February. The reservoirs are currently at 69% of full capacity. Note – it is never at 100%.

Comparison of snowpack last year to this year

Here’s two satellite pics. showing the snowpack last year in California (above average snow pack year) to this year (below average snow pack). California seems to either have floods or droughts. A severe drought in California takes several years to intensify.

Rainfall since Oct. 1 is 74% of average in Eureka (Northern California), 51% of average in Sacramento, California (Central California) and 74% of average in Los Angeles, California (southern California).

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