Bill’s Fighting Cats’ Video Goes Viral

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The video of me doing the weather with my cats fighting off to the side has had (as I write this 6/7) is over 202,300 views on YouTube. The video was shown on the Jimmy Kimmel Show (it’s 8:23 into the video). It’s probably been elsewhere.

The cats get feisty sometimes. I step in and break ’em up when they start throwing chairs (just kidding). Most of the time they get along fine.

They are both strays from the Humane Society. Sir Yum is a 24-pound male and Nimbus is a 12-pound female. She’s the one that wins the battles. They are both “senior cats”. We think they are both 11 years old.

They have the run of the upstairs and downstairs – and they sleep more than they are awake. Sometimes they are in the “man cave” when I do the weather, but they are just off camera. Once in a while they make an appearance behind me on TV.

My oldest daughter runs a pet rescue and has dealt with (and found homes for) literally hundreds of dogs and cats here in West Michigan.

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