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Just a quick note to say that the video of my cats fighting in the man-cave during one of my weather segments has topped 760,000 views on YouTube. There’s 1,420 comments (which I haven’t looked through). It was on Kimmel and I’ve heard several other national (or foreign) TV shows. I think I get almost as many emails about the cats than about the weather. BTW – there are several videos of my cats circulating on YouTube and a couple of other places.

If they don’t see the cats, they ask where they are and what they are doing. Many times, they’re walking around the basement, just off camera. Also keep in mind that they are senior cats (about 12 years old) and sleep quite a bit.

The cat on the left is “Nimbus” – female and the cat on the right is “Sir Yum” – male. While they do “fight” on rare occasion…it’s rare…minutes later they’ll be right next to each other, content as can be. Even though Nimbus (12 lbs.) weights almost twice what Sir Yum weighs (almost 22 pounds), Nimbus almost always win the “fights”.

Nimbus the cat

Nimbus is the TV kitty – probably half the time when I come downstairs, she follows me down. You can sometimes see her on the table behind me. If she’s not in view, she’s often walking around the “man-cave”. Even if she can’t be seen, you might here a “meow”.

Sir Yum the cat

Sir Yum is far more visitor friendly than Nimbus. While Yum will come up to visitors and is easily to pet…Nimbus will often either hiss and scowl at visitors or go hide. Nimbus is also kind of a “fraidy-cat” who will run downstairs and hide if there are loud noises (like thunder).

My wife does the backgrounds – making for a little variety by changing what’s on the table. My daughter #1 got me the Anchorman movie poster and I’ve had comments about that, too.

I think Gayle and I have done a great job of sequestering during the pandemic. She does all the shopping, because if I go out…everyone wants to come up and talk to me. I have done a lot of speeches, parades and appearances. That came to a screeching halt when COVID arrived. However, I do get a lot of emails and messages and I have enjoyed the back and forth there.

On Jan. 20, we were halfway thru winter (temperature-wise). The second half of winter (or at least the next month or so) is often the coldest and snowiest relative to average in the Great Lakes when we have a La Nina like this. Also, the second half of winter is the brighter half of winter, with increasing daylight and a few more partly sunny days.

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