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Bird flying in front of FAA camera in Alaska.

I was looking at FAA skycams in Alaska and saw this pic. – taken at 6:32 pm at Kivalina AK. That’s a fairly large bird (I can’t say what kind – eagle?) – it might have a fish in its mouth. This became one image in a loop, so I would think it’s real. Kivalina has a population of 374 (last census) and that was down 3 from the previous census. The town has one school with 141 students. There is one general store in town. The store burned down in 2014 and was rebuilt in 2015.

Picture from the FAA webcam at Nuiqsut, Alaska

This picture was from the FAA webcam at Nuiqsut, Alaska. When this picture was taken, the temperature was -38F at Nuiqsut. The early morning low temperature there was -47F. At 5 pm, other temperatures in AK were -35F at Barter Island AK and -38F at Deadhorse AK

Sunset at Arctic Village, Alaska

This is sunset (or a few mintues after) at Arctic Village Alaska – where the 9 pm temperature was -29F. Arctic Village has 152 residents. The average high temperature at Arctic Village goes from -13.5° in January to 68.9° in July. The hottest ever there was 89° and the coldest -68°. That’s a difference of 157°.

If you like snow…Valdez, on the southeast coast, has 71″ of snow on the ground. Barrow had a high temp. of -29° and a low temp. of -40°. Barrow never got above 0° during the month of February. Their average temperature for the month was -26.1° and that was 11.9° below average.

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