Beach Water Temps. at Lake Michigan Cooling

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Here’s a late morning pic. of the very sunshiny beach at South Haven. The flag is snowing a nice breeze from the NNE at 13 mph. The air temp. at 11: 15 am was just 66°.

With general winds from the NE – we are getting upwelling at the Lake Michigan shore. The NE wind is pushing the warmer surface water away from the shore, allowing colder water to rise to the surface.

Here’s this morning’s beach water temperatures and the change in the last 48-hours: Ludington 65° (-7°), Duck Lake St. Park 64° (-4°), Muskegon 62° (-5°), Grand Haven 67° (-4°) and Saugatuck 63° (-8°).

This is downtown Chicago – late morning – looking good. The water temp. here at the water inake in Chicago is a pleasant 74°. The buoy temp. at Wilmette (where I grew up) is also 74° and the buoy temp. at Waukegan is 73°. Those water temps. should remain warm with a general east wind the next few days. The air temp. at the water intake at 11:15 am was 69°. The low temp. here at the water intake last night was 68.5° – much warmer than over the land areas (O’Hare 58° – Waukegon Airport 58° – South Haven MI Airport 52°) – so the air warmed up a lot crossing Lake Michigan from S. Haven to the water intake in Chicago.

You’ll likely see the beach water temps. in MI continue to fall – so if you want to swim in warmer water, pick an inland lake. All the beaches in W. Michigan had green flags this AM with waves around 1 foot.

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