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North winds are bringing down cooler air and temperatures will be back in the 30s for the next 8 days. Above is the 5-day temperature trend.

Here’s high and low temperatures from Monday. The high of 48° at Muskegon was a daily record high for Feb. 3rd. This was the 8th time the temperature has reached 50° since winter official started back on Dec. 21.

Just after sunset at the Muskegon Channel

This was just after sunset at the Muskegon Channel. The wind was from the east today…so, Lake Michigan was very calm near the Michigan shore. With an east wind, it was warmer at the shore on Monday than it was Sunday when there was a west wind coming off the lake. The high temp. at the Muskegon Channel was 39.0° on Sunday and on Monday, it was 46.2°

South Haven Channel Monday PM 2/3/20

Here’s the South Haven channel Monday around 11 am. Look down the channel and you can see a boat in the channel…probably someone fishing. Also note the darker water in the channel – river water with suspended organic material and sediment in the water.

Boat in the water at the S. Haven Channel 2 3 20 (Monday)

You can see what is probably the same boat on the far left of the picture at 1:33 pm. We also saw a boat out past the Grand Haven in the evening just after sunset. There’s a picture below…you can see the light on the left side of the picture. We followed that light, moving north to south for about 15 minutes until it got too far away to see.

Just after sunset at Muskegon Lake

Here’s just after sunset at Muskegon. You can see cirrus clouds coming in from the west along with several jet contrails. There is ice here on the lake, but it’s pretty thin. Be very careful going out on any lake ice…or better yet, wait until the ice firms up. We have now gained an hour and three minutes of daylight since the Winter Solstice.

Chicago – Monday PM

Check out this pic. from the Chicago Water Intake. That’s a layer of low fog over the city. Forecast: Floors 1-20 Cloudy….Floors +20 Mostly Sunny.

Great Lakes ice cover is quite low for early February at only 5.3% coverage. Lake Michigan is at 6.8% – with most of the ice in Green Bay. Lake Superior (a deep lake) has only 2.6% ice coverage.

8-14 Day Temperature Outlook for Feb. 11 – 17 from the Climate Prediction Center

The latest 8-14 day temperature outlook from the Climate Prediction Center shows cold weather in the West and in the Northern Plains and warm weather in the East and South. It’ll be another nice week for the snowbirds down in Florida.

The Precipitation Outlook for Feb. 11-17 calls for above average precipitation for much of the country, including the Great Lakes. Most of us are hoping for a drier pattern, so we get the rivers back down to average levels and get the ground less saturated.

Severe Weather Outlook Area for Wed. 2/5

This is the Severe Weather Outlook Area for Wed. PM/night. Note there is a Slight Risk area from Louisiana east to the Florida Panhandle. Wind damage and hail are possible with the strongest storms. Below is a pic. of Lake Michigan at Grand Haven just before sunset on Sunday 2/2 from Charles Russell.

Severe Weather Outlook area for Thursday from the Storm Prediction Center

This is the Day3 (Thurs.) Severe Weather Outlook Area from the Storm Prediction Center showing a large Slight Risk Area from Florida to SE Virginia. They say:

"...a convective line will be the primary
   convective mode with damaging gusts the primary concern.  A few
   brief tornadoes embedded within the line are also possible."

Grand Haven Sunday evening just before sunset – pic. from Charles Russell

Check out the cold front that went thru Denver CO: At 2 pm on Sunday, the temp. was 74°, at 9 pm, the temp. was down to 52° and the wind was south at 20 mph. One hour later, the temp. was down to 35° and the wind was now north at 21 mph. Move ahead to 11 pm on Monday – the temp. was down to 12° and there was 1-2″ of snow on the ground.

ALSO: Cold in S. California. Sunset at Weiss Lake. Snow for Texas. Heavy snow in Wyoming. At 2 am Tue. the current temperature in Cleveland is 61°.

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