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The above pic. is the Sunday PM satellite image of Lake Michigan. To the left, skies are clear in Wisconsin and there is bright, white snow on the ground. You can see that Green Bay is mostly ice-covered. Lake Winnebago to the southwest of Green Bay is totally ice covered. It’s a shallow lake – the maximum depth is only 21 feet. On the other hand you can see that much deeper and much smaller Green Lake southwest of Lake Winnebago is still open water. Green Lake has an average depth of 100 feet and a maximum depth of 237 feet. That little (2 miles wide) lake is deeper than Lake Erie!

You can also see a small area of dark-colored open water on Geneva Lake, which is SE of Milwaukee and NW of Chicago. That’s also a deep lake. The average depth of the lake is 61 feet and the maximum is 135 feet. Both Green Lake and Geneva Lake should freeze solidly over this week.

If you look northwest of Green Bay, there is a southwest to northeast “scar” that is still visible. That’s where a tornado cut a 30-mile path through a forest way back in 2007. Fourteen years later, the “scar” is still visible from space. The NWS reported: “A long-track tornado touched down at 4:31 pm east of Mattoon in Shawano County and continued northeast to the Oconto-Marinette County line. The tornado was on the ground for at least 40 miles, and was over 1/2 mile wide at times. Over 14,000 acres of trees were snapped or flattened and many dozens of buildings were damaged or destroyed. The twister was rated an EF3 on the Enhanced Fujita scale, with estimated winds of 140 to 160 mph. Damage by this tornado alone exceeded $15 million (property and timber).”

On the satellite picture you can also see ice forming east of Milwaukee to Chicago. Milwaukee’s Timmerman Airport had a high temperature of +1° on Sunday and Chicago’s O’Hare Airport had a high temperature of +5°. The city of Aurora – a western suburb of Chicago had a high temp. of -1F and a low temp. of -17F on Sunday.

Chicago at 8 am Sunday – Downtown Temperature -1F

Here’s downtown Chicago seen from the water intake. You can see it’s clear and a lot of ice has formed – not solid – you couldn’t walk on it.

South Haven Channel Sunday 2 7 21

In contrast to the sunshine and bitter cold in NE, the east side of the lake had a gray day under the solid deck of lake-effect clouds. This is the South Haven Channel. You can see the “pancake” ice circles in the river channel. The high temperature here at the Lighthouse was 14.2°, so the air warmed up a good 10 degrees crossing Lake Michigan. The high temp. in Grand Rapids of 15° on Sunday was the coldest high temp. of the winter so far.

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