A Quiet Week – No Big Storms, No Arctic Air

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This is going to be a relatively quite week weatherwise, with above average temperatures and below average precipitation. Above is the precipitation forecast for the next week from the Weather Prediction Center. Much of West Michigan gets less than 1/4″ of precipitation and less than 2″ total snowfall.

High temperatures over the next 5 days

The average high temperature is now 31°. We’ll average about 4 – 5 degrees warmer than that this week. I don’t see any really cold nights. Saturday mornings low temps. of 15° was the coldest morning of the winter so far in Gr. Rapids.

8-14 Day Temperature Forecast from the Climate Prediction Center

Here’s the latest 8-14 Day Temperature Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center for Jan. 10-16. Much of the country, including the Great Lakes is expected to be warmer than average. The exception will be along the Gulf Coast, where there will be more clouds and showers.

8-14 Day Precipitation Outlook from the Climate Prediction Center

Here’s the precipitation forecast to go along with the temperature outlook above. Below average precipitation (and snowfall) is expected in Michigan, the Great Lakes and a large part of the country. Above average rainfall is expected in the SE U.S. and in the Pacific Northwest.

  • In the meantime, we have a little light snow for this Sunday AM and emphasize “little”. This will generally be an inch or less – with some places, esp. north of Whitehall and Big Rapids not seeing any snow at all. There may be a few slick spots early, but road conditions will improve during the midday/PM as temps. get into the mid 30s, above freezing.
Snow on the ground Sunday

This is how much snow was on the ground Sunday AM. The most snow on the ground in Michigan was 20″ at Painesdale in the U.P. Houghton Lake had 11″.

Season Snowfall

Here’s season snowfall as of early Sunday – these numbers won’t move much this week. Grand Rapids has had 22% of average snowfall-to-date.

As of Sunday, we’ve gained a whole 5 minutes and 35 seconds of daylight. Temperature-wise, the mid point of winter is Jan. 20.

This is the European Model snowfall forecast for the next 45 days (thru Feb. 15)

The 45-Day European model snowfall forecast shows a good amount of snow for Lower Michigan. It’s way too far out to put a lot into this…but other factors we look at suggest the snow-drought in West Michigan will be fading during the 2nd half of winter – which would be in line with the La Nina we have going on right now. We’ll still see storm systems moving from SW to NE across the eastern half of the country – and when it’s cold enough – we’ll get snow.

Forecast High Temperatures for Alaska Monday afternoon

This map shows the forecast high temperatures (yeah, HIGH temperatures, not low temperatures) in Alaska for Monday PM – lots of really cold air up there. We’ll continue to track whether any of that will eventually sink down into the contiguous U.S.

Happy 2021 everybody! Thanks for reading my blog.

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