A Cloudier and Wetter Pattern, but We Stay “Warm”

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Forecast rainfall over the next 7 days.

Since the end of February, Grand Rapids has had 70% of possible sunshine and we’ve been more than 5° warmer than average. We tied for 3 sunniest March ever. While we’ll continue to have above to much above average temperatures through the middle of the week, the weather pattern will turn a little cloudier and wetter.

The above map shows the forecast amount of precipitation over the next week. West Michigan gets 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches of rain. A few isolated spots could actually see a touch above that total. Fortunately, the ground is relatively dry and the river levels are low for this time of year. The Grand River at Grand Rapids has a flow of 4,020 cubic feet per second at Grand Rapids early Monday AM. The average flow is 6,720 cfs for the first week in April, so that’s only 60% of average flow. The Muskegon River at Croton has a flow of 1,600 cfs, compared to an average flow for early April of 3,550 cfs – that’s just 45% of average flow.

We’ll have a few scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms in the area today. We don’t anticipate any severe weather. Here’s radar:

Southern Michigan Radar

It’s been a quiet start to April across the U.S. No tornadoes thru the first four days of the month, no severe hail reports and only 4 severe wind reports. There was a 68 mph gust at Traer, KS on Sunday, a 62 mph gust at Hastings NE and an empty semi was blown off I-70 in KS.

Severe Weather Outlook Map for Monday April 5

The Severe Weather Outlook Map from the Storm Prediction Center shows a Slight Risk over a good portion of Minnesota, with a Marginal Risk from Nebraska to west tip of Lake Superior. The number of strong to violent tornadoes has been trending downward since the middle of the last century.

Severe Reports from April 4, 2011

On April 4, 2011, we set a record for the greatest number of wind damage reports (1,318). There were also 68 tornadoes. That was 10 years ago. That day in Grand Rapids was overcast and rainy with a high temp. of 53°.

WOOD TV Regional Radar
Sunset on Easter Sunday at Grand Haven from our Noto’s at the Bil-Mar Camera

With light winds, Lake Michigan was almost flat calm Easter Sunday. The water temp. early Monday was 45° at Holland St. Park and 50° at Reeds Lake in East Grand Rapids. We’ve seen boats out on both inland lakes and at Lake Michigan. Some of them are fishing. There were several kites at Grand Haven St. Park.

High Temperatures Easter Sunday in W. Michigan
  • Easter was another day of sunshine and low humidities. Grand Rapids climbed from a low of 33° to a high of 71°. Holland’s Regional Airport had a low temp. of 32° and they got all the way up to 74°. That’s a rise of 42° – you don’t see that in Michigan very often.
Forecast High Temperatures for Alaska for 4/5/21

Often Alaska has the opposite weather from the Great Lakes…if we are colder than average, Alaska is often warmer than average and when we are warm, they are relatively cold. That’s been the case of late. These are forecast high temperatures for this Monday PM. Northern Alaska stays below zero again. Easter Sunday, the Barrow Airport had a high temp. of -2° and a low temp. of -14°. Atqasuk AK dropped to -21° and at 9 pm Alaska time, Anaktuvuk AK was reporting snow, a temperature of -14° and a wind chill factor of -40°.

Picture of cirrus clouds that I took Sunday PM – looked like a feather
Another pic. I took – a maple tree starting to turn red.
First Soccer Game of the Spring?

Farm workers playing soccer in Alpine Township. The ball just happened to be kicked out of bounds and came right at me…my big moment…and I totally whiffed…the ball went right past me. Sigh.

Tropical Cyclones NW of Australia

There’s a couple of tropical cyclones northwest of Australia. “Seroja” (26S on the map above) will intensify into a Category 3 hurricane as it moves Southwest.

Easter Sunday halo in Sacramento CA
Season Snowfall in the Eastern U.S. this past winter

Also: 41 fatalities from flooding in Eastern Indonesia. 98 degrees in Phoenix AZ tied the record high for April 4. Sunset at Gun Lake Casino. Kayakers going over the falls. Cool East Coast satellite loop – watch how the cumulus clouds form over the land of the Florida Peninsula – but not over the oceans. No ice melting in Iceland today. Remembering the Super Outbreak of tornadoes on 4/3/74. 319 fatalities and 1,500 injured that day. Record low temps. in the Southeast.

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