45 Years on TV in West Michigan

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A quick note to let you know that I’ve made another lap around the track. It was 45 years ago today that I made my first TV weathercast in West Michigan. It was Tuesday Nov. 5, 1974 and it was an election night. I did the last weathercast of the night.

Back then, we had 2 maps…the state map and the national map. They were covered with a piece of plexiglass. We wrote on the glass with Magic Markers. We did a 2-day forecast that we would put in the vidifont. I started at $175 a week working the weekday morning/noon shift and then the 11 pm news on Saturday (so, I worked 6 days).

A BIG thank you to my wife, Gayle (I sometimes give her a wink when I mention “Gale Warnings”) and to the literally hundreds (actually probably thousands) of co-workers over the years that have been such a help and made quality newscasts.

I thought after all these years, there would be some burn-out…but I’m just as excited about weather as I was when I was a little kid and gave the weather forecast to my kindergarten class (my mother can still tell you about that!).

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