30% of the U.S. has Snow on the Ground.

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30% of the contiguous U.S. had snow on the ground this (Tue.) morning. This is the 2nd highest extent on Nov. 12 in the 17 years of record that we have. First place was 31.5% in 2012. Third place is 27.5% last year (2018) and fourth place goes down to 19.4% in 2008. The least snow on the ground on any Nov. 12 in the last 17 years is 3.9% in 2004.

The average of the 17 years is 14.6%…so the snow extent in the U.S. today is more than double the average snow extent (of the last 17 years).

Asia snow cover as of 11 12 19

There is also an above average snow extent in Asia (Siberia) right now.

North American snow and ice cover

This is North American snow and ice cover for Tue. Nov. 12. Nearly all of Canada has snow on the ground (+90%) and there is ice forming on the west edge of Hudson Bay. Ice is forming on Lake Winnipeg and Great Slave Lake.

Snow anomaly map of the N. Hemisphere 11 12 19

This is the N. Hemisphere snow anomaly map for Tue. 11/12 19 from the Rutgers Snow Lab. Blue color indicates areas that have snow on the ground and usually don’t on this date. Red color indicates areas that usually have snow on the ground on Nov. 12, but don’t today. Note there is more blue on the map than red, especially across the Northern U.S.

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