2019 Has Been Cool, Wet and Cloudy in W. Michigan

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So far, this year has been cool, cloudy and wet in West Michigan. The average temperature for Grand Rapids in 2019 has been 1.2° cooler than average. The only calendar month that has been warmer than average was July. We had 6 mornings with below zero temperatures and 7 days when we reached 90° (though none warmer than 92°).

Precipitation so far this year in Grand Rapids has totaled 30.47″. That’s 4.66″ above average. Seattle WA has only had 17.81″ of rain this year (3.06″ below average), so Grand Rapids has had 12.66″ more precipitation this year than Seattle!

The percent of possible sunshine for Grand Rapids is 44.2%. The average percent of possible sunshine for that period in G.R. is 50.6% – so that’s a significant difference over a span of over 8 months.

Forecast High Temperatures for the Next 5 Days

Here’s the forecast high temperatures over the next five days. The 67 on Sunday in G.R. was the coolest high temperature since June 16. Monday PM we reach the low 70s…then up into the low-mid 80s with a bit more humidity and a chance of an isolated shower or storm for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (cooler at Lake Michigan).

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