20-foot waves!

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First some appropriate music and video. You may have seen this recent video of a professional surfer rescuing a woman from the huge waves on the North Shore of Oahu. The day I was on the North Shore of Oahu in January, there were waves up to 16 feet. I have a boogie board and enjoyed splashing nearshore in 2-4 footers at Lake Michigan, but I wasn’t even touching the water when there were waves that high just offshore.

I did rent a surfboard and tried to surf on the much more tame South Shore of Oahu – Waikiki Beach. Glad there was no video of that. I did get up twice for what I would call for me a decent ride, but I had a big, heavy board and I wasn’t adept at steering. Here’s the Monday surf forecast for Hawaii:

Surf Forecast for 1/4/21 island of Oahu

Check out the surf forecast for the island of Oahu for Monday 1/4/21. Waves up to 20 feet on the north side of the island – kicked up by a storm hundreds of miles to the north…and waves calm to 2 feet on the sheltered south side of the island. Finally, if you want to see someone surfing BIG waves – check out this video.

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