16 Days after the Derecho – Power Still Out.

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16 days after the August 10th derecho that moved across Central Iowa, there are still 239 customers without power in Iowa. That includes 195 customers in Linn County, which includes Cedar Rapids, the second-biggest city in Iowa.

smashed utility pole after the August 10 derecho – from WOI

Alliant Energy reported about 2,500 utility poles were damaged beyond repair and ITC Midwest, which owns power lines, reported about 1,200 miles of lines were torn down by the winds.

More bad news…look at the forecast for Cedar Rapids:

Forecast for Cedar Rapids, Iowa for August 25-27 2020

This heat wave is tough on those families still without electricity. That means no air-conditioning for people or animals. Iowa is by far the leading U.S. pork producing state. It’s also the #1 state for producing eggs – which means chickens and chickens need to stay reasonably cool.

Peak Surface Wind Gusts Measured in the August 10 2020 Derecho in Central Iowa -from WOI

Virtually all of central Iowa from I-80 to Highway 20 experienced at least 60 mph winds. A deeper look into the radar data shows that wind speeds 671′ above the ground near Woodward were as high as 145 mph (126 knots).

Videos (some rough language in some of these): 30 minutes from a security camera – watch the evergreen go down at 14:14 into the video. Numerous large branches come down in this video. Here’s an hour-long video of the storm as it came through…start to finish. Note how calm it was before the storm and how long he strong winds last. This guy is about 40 miles west of Cedar Rapids. Very eerie when the tornado sirens start sound around 2 minutes in. At that point, it’s cloudy and fairly calm. 8 minutes in you see the shelf cloud arriving. I remember in the 1998 derecho here in W. Michigan that you could “hear the roar to the west” and how fast the wind gusts went from 20 mph to 80 mph. This guy sees the roof fly off the building he’s in. Look at 3:50 into the video.

There were a handful of fatalities with this derecho and there were more injuries after the storm than during the storm as people cleaned up the damage.

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