Texas Tech on MSU’s Winston: ‘He’s got a complete game’

Big Tournament

MINNEAPOLIS (WOOD) — While Cassius Winston has never been the most athletic basketball player at Michigan State University, he has been unquestionably the most important.

“You know, my role changes, you know, being the guy. When it comes down to it, the ball will be in my hand and they trust me to make a play. That’s my job for this team — you just got to embrace it and do my best at it,” the Big Ten Player of the Year said Friday.

Winston’s teammates say he is the guy you want with the ball in his hands when the game is on the line, because they know he’s going to make a great decision.

“(He brings) calmness,” said MSU sophomore Xavier Tillman from Minneapolis’ U.S. Bank Stadium. “This is a big stage and it’s easy to let your emotions fly, because you don’t want to mess up on a big stage. But it’s just basketball and that’s going to happen and he does a good job of relaxing everybody in a situation like this.”

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“He’s a very smart basketball player. He always knows when to make the right play, when to score, when to pass. He’s just a great, smart basketball player and he can do a lot of different things,” said McQuaid.

The First Team All-American player’s basketball IQ is off the charts, and so is the respect his opponents have for him.

“He’s a great point guard.  We hope to slow him down, get him out of his stuff. He’s a great player,” conceded Texas Tech senior Norense Odiase.

“Coach K talked about it in the press conference — he’s the best point guard they faced all year. If Coach K is saying that, there must be some truth to it. He can score at all three levels. He can go left, he can go right. He can shoot the three and he gets eight assists a game. And he’s a really good passer. He’s got a complete game. And it seems like you can’t speed him up. He’s poised and calm,” explained Texas Tech senior Matt Mooney.

Only time will tell if that calmness will pay off. The Final Four game between Second-seeded MSU and No. 3 Texas Tech tips off at 8:49 p.m. Saturday.

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