Fellow Wolverine gets to shadow U of M basketball team

Big Tournament

ANAHEIM, Calif. (WOOD) — Charles Matthews and his teammates are not the only Wolverines getting ready for Thursday’s matchup with Texas Tech.

For most reporters, this would be a dream assignment — working on network television covering the NCAA Tournament.  For Dana Jacobson it is, but as a University of Michigan alum, in some ways it isn’t.

“It’s really funny.  Nobody believes me.  This stage, I would rather not be covering them so I could root for them.  It sounds silly but there’s something about knowing that you have to be unbiased but everybody thinks you’ll be biased where I feel like I almost go the opposite direction,” Jacobson said.

Dana Jacobsen is a CBS sideline reporter and Michigan native. She covered both the Wolverines and Spartans during the opening round of the tournament last week in Des Moines, Iowa.

Above, watch the interview with Jacobsen.

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