Alec Giannakopoulos

Alec Giannakopoulos was thrilled to join the News 8 team as a sports reporter in February 2022.

A native of the Chicago suburbs, Alec has bounced around the Midwest as during his career. He’s an alumnus of the University of Iowa and got his start as a sports reporter for a station in La Crosse, Wisconsin, before coming to Grand Rapids.

In La Crosse, Alec got a chance to report on the NBA Finals, Packers games and some great college and high school sports across the Dairyland State.

Alec is thrilled to cover sports on the pro, collegiate and high school levels here, but wasn’t much of an athlete himself — his basketball career goes as far as a Greek church basketball league. (He assures us that it offered incredible competition.)

When not on the job, Alec loves listening to music and playing jazz on his guitar. He’s a bit of a snob about his record collection but is a great source for music recommendations. He’s also a fan of professional wrestling (the not real kind of wrestling) and the Chicago Bears (who he sometimes wishes weren’t real).

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