GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) – Rosemont If you are looking for your next family getaway, look no further than Rosemont Illinois.  The Village of Rosemont has so much fun happening during the summertime there is sure to be something for everyone.  From great food, concerts, baseball, and shopping, you are sure to create lasting summer memories, stress and carefree.  

If you are a baseball fan, For the 5th year, the Minor League Chicago Dogs baseball team, are leading their league in wins and losses, as well as attendance.  Everything at the park is built around the fans.  There is a different special themed promotion night every night.  The best part is it is much more affordable and fun than going into the City of Chicago.  Rosemont also offers a Woman’s Softball League called Athletes Unlimited.  This is a Unique Individual based scoring league that features 60 professional softball players. 

The Rosemont entertainment district offers so many cool things to do to create lasting summer memories with your family. Every Thursday they have a Free Concert and firework show that on average, draws 3 to 4 thousand people.  You will not have to travel or look far for a trip you will never forget.   What are you waiting for?  Plan your trip to the Village of Rosemont Illinois today!

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