GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-John Ball Zoo is always coming up with new ways to make their Zoo more fun and exciting for your family. Meet Pumpkin, a month, and a half year old Dwarf Highland Cow, that is currently living in the Zoo’s hospital.  The Zoo has a special area where they nurse and quarantine animals, so they are ready to meet the other animals.  The Zoo acquired Pumpkin as a baby from a donation by the Michigan hobby farm Two Men and a Hen.  Highland Cows are from Scotland originally, and you can see the long curl hair that Pumpkin has to help him stay warm during the wintertime.  As many of you know, there was a contest to name Pumpkin and his name fits him well.  He was born with a Dark Brown coat which now looks more like light Orange in color. 

Pumpkin is a Miniature Dwarf Highland Cow which means that he will grow up to be anywhere between 26 to 40 inches tall.  Pumpkin can also weigh up to 500 lbs.  This is a bit of contrast from the full-size male Highland cows that can weigh up to 700 lbs.  Speaking of growing, arguably Pumpkin’s favorite part of the day is when he gets fed.  He is bottle fed 4 quarts of milk twice a day.  He is also fed a diet of grains and hay.  What is special about the Zoo’s addition of Pumpkin, is that it helps connect the community to see livestock in person and what it really means for us.  Eventually the Zoo would love to have Pumpkin become an ambassador animal to go for walks around the Zoo.  It may still be a while though, as Pumpkin is still a baby calf.   But soon you may bump in to this adorable friend at John Ball Zoo. 

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