GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)- Summertime is full of time spent having fun outdoors with our families.  Dr. Forshee from Priority Health wants to remind us that while we are having all that fun to be wary of the affects the sun can have on our skin.  He recommends avoiding direct sunlight between 10am to 2pm as that is when the sun is most dangerous.  Also, to cover up by wearing longer sleeves, a hat, sunglasses, and socks.  Any day can be dangerous when it comes to sun exposure, you can even get sunburn in the wintertime, so it is important to take precautionary measures. 

There are some myths when it comes to sunscreen.  The higher the SPF does not mean the more affective it is.  For example, 30 SPF is 97 percent effective, while 50 SPF is 98 percent effective.  It really comes down to taking the right preventative measures when it comes to sun exposure.  Regardless of Skin color or ethnicity you are still at risk for overexposure.  It is important that you apply sunscreen 30 minutes before going outside as well as every 2 hours thereafter.

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