GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD) Air Zoo This summer thousands of children are engaged in reading by being involved in their local libraries summer reading program.  The Air Zoo partnered with the Salem Township Library in Dorr, to help make reading come to life and to continue summer learning.   We cannot stress enough the importance of having your child read over the summer.  Did you know that reading helps your child develop their comprehension as well as socialization?  The Salem Township Library has a wonderful summer reading program.  Titled the Oceans of Possibilities this summer reading program focusses on keeping children engaged and wanting to continue reading on their own.  Of course, who could say no to the fun prizes that they earn in the program, that rewards them for their hard work. 

The Air Zoo’s special program focused on Oceans.  As big as the Ocean is, you can imagine just how many things you can learn and fun activities you can create, which makes it a fun and engaging way to learn.   The Air Zoo took a different approach when it came to learning about the ocean with several hands-on activities for the kids.  Those included experiments on how Octopus and Squids defend themselves in the Ocean. Did you know their 2 main defenses are Camouflage and jet propulsion?  Other activities were sifting through sand and removing plastic pieces to simulate how our actual beaches and oceans are like with pollution.  One thing is for certain, when it comes to learning, the Air Zoo always takes it to new heights.       

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