GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- Two of ABC’s most popular dramas, Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy return Thursday, Sept. 30 for a crossover premiere event too good to miss! In an exclusive one-minute trailer uploaded to YouTube, ABC encourages viewers to “brace themselves for one heck of a return.” And by the looks of the trailer jam-packed with action, love and romance, tough conversations and chaos, it seems as though season five of Station 19 and Season 18 of Grey’s Anatomy will be filled with tons of riveting moments. And this isn’t all. ABC also hints, “the biggest cliffhangers from last season will be answered, and someone from Meredith’s past comes back.”  

Watch a glimpse of the cross over premiere event & read a synopsis of each episode below>> 

Station 19:  

Station 19. Photo courtesy of ABC/Justin Stephens.

Emotions are high and relationships are at stake during a new episode of Station 19 titled, “Pheonix from the Flame.” In an episode synopsis provided by ABC, “Relationships are challenged at Station 19 following Sullivan’s actions at Maya and Carina’s wedding, putting his marriage with Andy to the test. Dean comes to terms with his feelings for Vic, while Travis rekindles an old flame.” 

Meanwhile, “The annual Pheonix Festival brings out some of the reckless behavior in some of Seattle’s citizens, challenging the teams at Station 19 and Grey Sloan Memorial.”  

The action and drama unfold beginning at 8 p.m. on My ABC WOTV4. 

Grey’s Anatomy:  

Grey’s Anatomy. Photo courtesy of ABC/Eric McCandless.

Titled “Here Comes the Sun”, the Grey’s Anatomy premiere picks up right where Station 19 leaves off—at the Pheonix Festival. At the event which “celebrates the city’s rebirth post-covid,” according to ABC, the Grey Sloan doctors tend to a patient who ignited illegal fireworks. Meanwhile, “Bailey has her sights set on hiring new doctors, but she’s having trouble finding viable options.”  

Additionally, “Owen and Teddy attempt to take the next step in their engagement and Meredith has a surprising opportunity when she meets a dynamic doctor from her mother’s past.”  

See what happens next by watching the premiere at 9 p.m. on My ABC WOTV4.  

Premiere episodes of Station 19 and Grey’s Anatomy are available for next-day viewing on-demand and Hulu.  

Guest stars include Alex Landi as Nico Kim, Jaicy Elliot as Taryn Helm, Kate Burton as Dr. Ellis Grey, Peter Gallagher as David Hamilton, Abigail Spencer as Dr. Megan Hunt, Debra Mooney as Evelyn Hunt and Melissa DuPrey as Intern Sara Ortiz.