GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- This January, viewers can enjoy some of their favorite movies on ABC 4 West Michigan! Every Sunday night throughout the month, The Wonderful World of Disney will air classics like “The Lion King,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Finding Nemo” and more fan-favorites. Check out the schedule below!

The Wonderful World of Disney presents: “Beauty and the Beast”

Jan. 8 from 8-10:30 pm

Watch a live-action retelling of this Disney animated classic! “Beauty and the Beast” follows the journey of Belle, a young woman held captive by a Beast in his castle. Despite the Beast’s intimidating exterior, Belle learns to realize the “kind heart and soul of the true prince within.”

The film stars Emma Watson (Belle), Dan Stevens (Beast), Luke Evans (Gaston), Kevin Kline (Maurice), Josh Gad (Lefour), Ewan McGregor (Lumiere), Stanley Tucci (Maestro Cadenza), Gugu Mbatha-Raw (Plumette), Audra McDonald (Madame Garderobe), Ian McKellen (Cogsworth), Emma Thompson (Teapot)

The Wonderful World of Disney presents: “Finding Nemo”

Jan. 15 from 8-10 pm

Go along for adventure with Nemo, a young clownfish who is taken away unexpectedly from his home on the Great Barrier Reef to an aquarium in a dentist’s. Marlin, his worrisome father, teams up with a forgetful blue tang fish named Dory to find Nemo and bring him home.

The Wonderful World of Disney presents “Iron Man”

Jan. 22 from 8-10:30 pm

It’s the broadcast premiere you don’t want to miss! Tony Stark, a successful inventor, is kidnapped and “forced to build a devastating weapon,” ABC teases. To escape, he builds a high-tech suit of armor and uses his invention to protect the world as Iron Man.

The Wonderful World of Disney presents: “The Avengers”

Jan. 29 from 8-11 pm

The Avengers- Iron man, The Incredible Hulk, Thor and Captain America- assemble with Black Widow, Hawkeye and Nick Fury to save the world from disaster caused by the Asgardian God Loki.