GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Is there a right way to parent? ABC’s newest series, “The Parent Test,” which airs at 10 pm on Thursday, Dec. 15, will answer this question.

What is “The Parent Test?”

Produced by Eureka Productions, the unscripted show “will explore the many distinctively different parent styles,” ABC teases. During the premiere, twelve families will take on the “High Dive Challenge” and “Yes Day Challenge” which will expose the most effective parenting style in today’s climate. After the families undergo both challenges, everyone will gather together to review each parenting style. 

Who is hosting “The Parent Test?”

“The Parent Test” is hosted by Ali Wentworth and parenting expert Dr. Adolph Brown. The duo will moderate conversations and conflicting opinions between the families and provide insight into how each family can obtain their goal of “raising happy, healthy children.”

Where to watch “The Parent Test?”

West Michiganders can watch the series premiere of “The Parent Test” at 10 pm on Thursday, Dec. 15, on ABC 4 West Michigan.

Check out a preview trailer, uploaded to ABC’s YouTube channel.