GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Halloween is Monday, Oct. 31, and ABC is celebrating the spooktacular time of year with Halloween-themed episodes of some of its primetime series. From Wednesday, Oct. 26 to Sunday, Oct. 30 get into the holiday spirit by tuning into showings of “The Conners”, “Abbott Elementary”, “Station 19”, “Grey’s Anatomy” and more. Here’s a look at what to expect and when to watch with us on ABC 4 West Michigan!

Wednesday, Oct. 26

8 PM: The Conners “Book Bans and Guillotine Hands” 

During a new episode of “The Conners”, Dan tries to encourage the family to decorate their home for the holiday. After it seems everyone is too busy to assist, Becky “tries to take matters into her own hands”, ABC reveals. Then, Harris takes a stand on an issue that stirs up a little drama in Darlene’s neighborhood.

8:30 PM: The Goldbergs “DKNY”

ABC teases that “in homage to the classic Halloween movies of the ’80s, Geoff’s terror over Beverly controlling all baby-care duties turns into a jump-scare-filled comedic thriller.” Meanwhile, Adam looks forward to spending the holiday with Dave and Kim at NYU, but his feelings seem short-lived after making a discovery.

9 PM: Abbott Elementary “Candy Zombies” 

Abbott Elementary is celebrating Halloween, and the teachers are in for a trick when trying to pass out treats! After a student steals a bag of candy and distributes pieces to kids during school hours, the school’s staff are on the hunt to find the culprit. Later, Janine gets invited to a Halloween party by an old friend and starts to “reconsider her personal life.”

9:30 PM: Home Economics “Novel Signed by Author, $22.19” 

Halloween is here, and fear is in the air! When hosting his in-person book reading, Tom fears no one will show up except for his “No. 1 fan”. Then, a mysterious woman who the family presumes to be a stalker turns out to be something even more.


Thursday, Oct. 27

8 PM: Station 19 “Demons”

A Halloween carnival is being hosted in the community and Maya and Theo answer an emergency call about a fire in the corn maze. As dangers escalate, Maya goes the extra mile to “prove her worth to her increasingly hostile captain” and risks her life in the process. Then, the Station 19 crew hosts a trick-or-treating event for kids; a prank war begins in the house, and Jack is confronted by a ghost from his past.

9 PM: Grey’s Anatomy “Haunted”

Grey Sloan Memorial is celebrating Halloween night, and Meredith and Nick try to get some much-needed alone time together. Meanwhile, Levi is overwhelmed with work, and Winston and Owen are giving the interns a hands-on learning experience by “practicing trauma training on a real cadaver.”

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Sunday, Oct. 30

7 PM: Toy Story of TERROR!

A fun road trip for the “Toy Story” crew takes an unexpected turn for the worse when “the trip detours to a roadside motel. According to ANC, one of the toys goes missing, and the rest of the gang find themselves in a mysterious sequence of events that must be solved before they all suffer the same fate.”

7:30: The Conners

10 PM: The Rookie “The Reckoning”

Officer Nolan and a “sleep-deprived” Celina investigate a cash deposit linked to an old DEA case. Meanwhile, Wesley’s concern about his deposition grows, and is in for a shock when he discovers Elijah’s attorney is a familiar face from his past.