GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- One of ABC’s most popular comedies and mockumentary sitcoms, “Abbott Elementary,” is closing out its second season with more epic punchlines and a highly anticipated finale! Here’s a synopsis of the last episode titled “Franklin Institute”, airing at 9 pm on Wednesday, April 19. 

What happens during ‘Franklin Institute’ episode on ‘Abbott Elementary?’

During the season two finale, the school is in for a wild ride. ABC recently revealed “Abbott Elementary takes a field trip to the Franklin Institute.” And, according to a preview trailer uploaded to Abbott Elementary’s official page, students are staff are also staying overnight in the museum. “Today’s the field trip to the Franklin Institute,” Janine says. “And it’s a sleepover,” Gregory adds, to which Janine happily responds, “Our first sleepover.” 

*Wink Wink* 

Although romantic feelings are in the air, ABC also reveals a reluctant Janine is avoiding Gregory, who is very eager to spend time with her. In the preview, we see Jacob giving Gregory a peptalk to make his move on Janine. “Just kiss and get it over with,” Jacob says. 

Meanwhile, on the field trip, “Ava teaches the students about aliens, leading to chaos when someone spots an extraterrestrial in the museum.” 

Buckle up, Abbott Elementary fans!

Where to watch the season two finale of ‘Abbott Elementary’

West Michiganders can catch “Franklin Institute” by turning their channels to ABC 4 West Michigan. The finale episode will be available to stream the next day on Hulu. 

ICYMI: Taraji P. Henson made her ‘Abbott Elementary’ debut!

Last Wednesday, Golden Globe Award-winning actor Taraji P. Henson appeared on “Abbott Elementary” as Vanetta, Janine’s (Quinta Brunson’s) mom. During the episode titled “Mom”, Janine planned to enjoy a solo trip during Memorial Day weekend. However, her holiday plans come to an abrupt end after her mother arrived unexpectedly and asked for help. Prior to the episode airing, Abbott Elementary uploaded a preview trailer to its official Facebook page and Taraji’s shared a glimpse during her interview on “The View.”

In the clip, Janine spoke with her class and was interrupted by the sounds of familiar footsteps. As the sounds of high heels inched closer, a student pointed to the classroom doorway and asked, “Who’s that?”

Vanetta made a fabulous entrance, green mink coat and all, and made it known that Janine’s students “have the greatest teacher in the world” because “she learned from the best.”

Vanetta’s unannounced visit ensued because Janine missed her phone call. While Janine sorted out her mommy issues, Gregory noticed his colleagues were great at small talk and realized he needed to brush up on his social skills.

It was surely a must-see episode, and the finale will be too! We invite viewers to tune in on ABC 4 West Michigan.