GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOTV)- American Idol is celebrating its “20th season of creating superstars” in a monumental way! The hit singing competition returns Sunday, Feb. 27 along with its all-star judges Luke Bryan, Katy Perry, Lionel Richie and award-winning host Ryan Seacrest. In anticipation of this milestone season, which marks the fifth season to air on ABC, the franchise released a new trailer.

The two-minute preview uploaded to YouTube opens with a flashback of Idol alums Carrie Underwood, Gabby Barrett, Adam Lambert and Jennifer Hudson who have all made their marks on audition day and went on to become global superstars. The question of “what if they were never discovered?” is posed to viewers. Who knows if America would have heard of the famous alums outside of their time on the show. Often, it takes talent and exposure to stand out in an oversaturated music industry.

Nonetheless, the judges are “all fired up” and ready to bring in a fresh wave of talent during their “new search.” Idol fans are introduced to the incoming hopefuls in a compilation highlighting their auditions. There are tons of tears, laughs and golden ticket handouts. And of course, in true American Idol fashion, there are profound moments tugging at the heartstrings.

The trailer features a glimpse of a contestant dedicating his audition to his nephew who “passed away this past April.” He chooses to honor his loved one’s life by singing a song he “used to sing to him all the time” before putting him to bed each night. While the specific song choice is left out of the trailer, Perry’s is visibly moved to tears to which Bryan comments “Katy is an absolute wreck.”

Expect more of these moments throughout the season! And something else to look forward to…a new reward given to one contestant from each city. It’s a “platinum ticket” allowing Idol hopefuls to receive a straight shot to Hollywood week and a few advantages over their competitors.

Photo courtesy of ABC

“You see that wall over there?” Katy says to one lucky singer. “It’s a platinum ticket that gets given to in each city we go to. You get to go to Hollywood week, but you get a little shortcut because it’s the 20th year of creating superstars, and you’re a superstar.” The trailer ends with a shot of two contestants becoming some of the first to snag a platinum ticket!

Watch the trailer on YouTube.

Get ready for an exciting new season of American Idol premiering at 8 pm on Sunday, Feb. 27 on My ABC WOTV4.

And, take a peek at upcoming auditions in the photo gallery featured below: