Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD)-The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids supports the community by offering something for everyone throughout their 7 branches across Grand Rapids.  They offer baby swimming lessons, classes for toddlers before and after school, nutrition education in the community, and even a mobile veggie van.  The YMCA of Greater Grand Rapids understands the importance of physical exercise while connecting and building up our community.

One of the ways the YMCA helps support the community is through their corporate wellness program.  This program encourages business to take part in what the YMCA has to offer by offering a 0-dollar joining fee for that company’s employees.  This not only includes the employee but also their family members.  This is a great way for employers to help keep their employees happy and healthy.  One of the benefits to this program is employees have the chance to collaborate with each other and see one another outside of work. 

Pine Rest loves partnering with the YMCA because of the financial discount they offer their employees.  In return Pine Rest encourages their employees to join the YMCA and participate in their dollar back in savings program for employees that utilized the YMCA.   Pine Rest’s goal for their employees is overall wellness in both physical and mental health.  The YMCA helps Pine Rest meet their employee goals by offering workouts classes and equipment for any level of workout while offering a safe and friendly environment to work out in. 

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