GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)-The West Michigan Whitecaps celebrated one of their favorite events, their annual Whitecaps Food Tasting!  They got to try all sorts of fun and delicious new ballpark food concepts from around the country.  Best of all is some of these delicious ideas will be introduced to park this year, which mark your calendars because opening day is April 6th.  You can find more information on buying tickets as well as season tickets and other game packages here. 

Gordon Food Service was there to help create these tasty creations.  This year, the Whitecaps are looking to add 7 to 10 new menu items.  These include everything from new drinks, desserts items, main courses, and sides.  These even include some unique items such as breaded fried Brussel sprouts and an Out of Left field Ramen burger.  The Whitecaps are known for their delicious food, so much so that some people simply come out to the ballpark to eat.  That is why this event is so exciting as the Whitecaps introduce some new favorites and of course still offer all their ballpark classics.

The Whitecaps need your help!   They are always looking for more delicious and creative ways to include new menu items in the ballpark.  The Whitecaps Fan Food vote is now going on!  They are asking fans to submit their ideas for new food items!  The winning submission will win a Whitecaps fan pack, including a $100 Whitecaps gift card, 10 undated ticket vouchers to 2023 games of your choice, a Whitecaps hat and a Whitecaps T-shirt. You can enter and find information here.

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