GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Art has the ability to inspire, encourage and heal. Recognizing these benefits, Wedgwood Christian Services is implementing art in its services and community programs to help children and adults express themselves. Sometimes, words aren’t enough to describe our feelings, and creating art through various mediums can help us communicate them.

Maranda recently joined Wedgwood Christian Services at the ArtPrize Oasis in downtown Grand Rapids to learn about the benefits of art therapy, and a transformative art exercise local girls participated in. 

Wedgwood Christian Services also invites the community to attend their 63rd Annual Anniversary Celebration on Thursday, Oct. 5, at the Grand Rapids Public Museum. Learn more and see what’s in store for the event here.

To find additional information on Wedgwood Christian Services resources for families and individuals, visit their website here.

Sponsored by Wedgwood Christian Services.