GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (WOOD)The students at Wedgwood Christian Services are learning important life skills through Wedgwood’s Employment Training Program.  Students that participate in the program get to learn basic wood shop skills, as well as sewing, crafts, and learning how to make many other things.  The kids that participate in this program are Wedgwood residents as well as students in the community.  These kids learn important life skills and receive job experience that prepares them for their career in the workforce. 

Purchasing these items not only supports these kids work, but these kids as well.  They receive payment for their work and all proceeds from the shop go directly back to these kids as well as to help with other lifesaving services.  Wedgwood deeply cares about the community and helping children and families that are hurt.  Wedgwood offers many services that support the needs of the community and its residents.  Places like Wedgwood tend to only have a 70 percent success rate, but Wedgwood Christian Services has a 85 percent to 91 percent success rate, which can be directly attributed to wonderful programs like their employment training program.

The kids that participate in this program are also able to sell items for their own benefit.  You can check out Wedgwood’s Etsy shop here.  These kids have been robbed of their childhood and they do not go home for the Holidays, celebrate Birthdays, or do things that many other kids have a chance to.  You can help make a difference in these kids’ life by making a one-time donation or becoming a monthly donor through Wedgwood Way Makers. You can find more ways to help and get involved here.

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