GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (ABC 4)- Maranda’s friends at Wedgwood Christian Services invite the community to tune into frank conversations about mental health through their docu-series titled “Brave Spaces.” Launched in May 2023, “Brave Spaces” brings teens and parents together for candid discussions on mental health. 

These profound discussions feature conversations about vulnerabilitysharing burdens and struggles, offering different perspectives from each other’s generations and providing valuable advice. View the “Brave Spaces” series, presented by Wedgwood Christian Services, here

In addition to highlighting the docu-series, Kali Jackson, a Residential Treatment Therapist at Wedgwood Christian Services, joins Maranda to share tips on how parents can help their children feel empowered to talk about their feelings and well-being.  

Kali suggests that parents be creative and proactive in engaging in conversations with their kids, spend intentional one-on-one time with them, validate their feelings, reassure them that they have support in navigating challenges, and utilize Wedgwood Christian Services’ counseling services for individuals and families.

To view Wedgwood Christian Services’ available resources, click here.

Sponsored by Wedgwood Christian Services