The realities of neurological injuries effect everyone in different ways. For Mark, it meant no longer piloting or playing the cello. In 2006, a tragic car accident left him with a brain injury in long-term care at Hope Network.

Whether a traumatic accident or a debilitating disease, those with neurological disabilities face unique challenges that can be overcome. Hope Network believes in those comebacks, and their new Neuro Rehabilitation Vocational and Life Enrichment Center provides the resources needed.

Mark is one of many avid participants in their Life Enrichment Programs, involved in activities such as swimming, water aerobics, music therapy, and, yes, even playing the cello.

The newly remodeled center opened this summer, providing two unique spaces to help each participant, like Mark, make their own comeback. One side of the center offers Life Enrichment Programs while the other side focuses on Return to Work Services. Located on the GO Bus route, the center is easily accessible to the community and is connected by a walking path to their physical, occupational, and speech programs to support the whole person.

This facility has allowed us to bring together services that allow meaningful activities in life. For many of us, that is our full-time job, but this opens opportunity for each person to discover what that is for them.

Margaret Kroese, Hope Network Neuro Rehabilitation Executive Vice President

The Life Enrichment Programs

After a brain injury, people often feel stuck, but Hope Network helps them find new hobbies to enjoy. The Life Enrichment Program incorporates a wide variety of activities to instill a sense of renewed purpose. Whether t-shirt design, recycling, or even woodworking, there is something each person loves.

This building is not only about rehab but also social interactions with other people and vocational skills that they are learning. It’s a place where interests can be explored. Sometimes that means getting back to a job, and sometimes that means getting back to a hobby that they love.

Gary Dickson, Hope Network Lead for Life Enrichment


Vocational Activities:

T-shirt Making, Production/Packaging, Car Detailing, Landscaping, Painting, Carpet Cleaning, Recycling, Kitchen Activities, Volunteering, Woodworking, Jewelry Making

Leisure Activities:

Pet Therapy, Music Therapy, Gardening, Arts & Crafts, Exercise, Table Games, Cooking, Golf, Woodworking, Hunting & Fishing, Sign Language Class, Sewing Group, Book Club, Photography, Trivia Group, Chess Club, Singing Group, Senior Softball, Generational Groups

Wellness Activities:

Tai Chi, Yoga, Essential Oils, Nutrition, Walking Club, Exercise Group, Weight Lifting, Meditation/Mindfulness, Drum Class

Special Groups:

Beekeeping, Guest Speakers, Zoo Group

Return to Work Services

The other portion of the building focuses on Return to Work Services, including job assessment, placement, and career coaching. Through on-site or community-based situational assessments, they offer a variety of opportunities to anyone who wants to work. 

We give people the opportunity from the community to get back to work. Our job coaches and vocational specialist help with assessments and on the job training. And we work with employers to find the right type of work for each person.

 Marcie McCann, Hope Network Communications Manager

By helping those with neurological disabilities reach their highest level of independence, this new facility provides a transition from interest to vocation and ultimately helps each person find a renewed sense of purpose.