Van Andel Institute is dedicated to educating young students to prepare them to be the next generation of scientists, doctors, or teachers. They do this by making learning fun and interesting! The Van Andel Education Institute is committed to helping students learn how fun and interesting science can be! They offer field trips for classrooms, summer camps, and science Saturday sessions to get the community to think about the importance of science in the next generations! These camps and classes help instill skills in the students so they are the next generation to help fight diseases.

The Van Andel Institute is also holding a STEAM conference to benefit teachers called Science on the Grand on July 15th – 16th! They believe teachers deserve the be given the time and resource they need to teach and help students be the best they can be now and in the future. This conference will help teachers with classroom culture and information on proper and informative science lessons. The conference still has spots available for teachers to sign up, head to the website for more information and to register.