Grand Rapids, MI (WOOD) –When it comes to learning Van Andel Institute and Choice Schools both believe that learning is all about being hands on and having fun.  A 4TH grade class from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science got to experience just what the Van Andel Institute learning programs are all about.  They are focused on giving kids resources and tools that they may not have at school while having a fun and impactful learning experience.  What makes these learning programs are so important is the emphasis on taking what they are learning and class and applying it to real life skills. Cory Kavanagh, Instructional Specialist said that the Van Andel Institute wants kids to be open to new ideas and to try new things.  Their mission is to get kids and teachers thinking like scientists.   

The 4th grade class from West Michigan Academy of Environmental Science is led by teacher Kaylie Sieglaff, who talked about how her class just finished a unit on circuitry and energy and how it transfers to between objects.  Today the children learned how to light a light bulb using a wire and a battery.  The children were able to think through the process to make the light bulbs light up and will eventually make their own flashlights.  This program gives these kids a chance to understand what they currently know and use that knowledge to apply to new things.  It is all about finding different and fun ways to connect kids to what they are learning.    

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